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Company Introduction SILENCE IS GOLD INCORPORATED (hereinafter referred as SIG) was founded in 1993, which firstly introduced the SIG Hair Color Adjustment into the hair dressing field in Taiwan, and created the trend of hair dressers paying to study more skills and assist quite a lot of hair salons and about 2000 hair designers to be the professional authorities in the field of hair color and tone.


Pineer manufacturer of the hair care product in the hair dressing field

It is because the improper hair dye would be harmful to human's health that SIG from the start has been paying much attention to the system of hair dresser and toning technician, and advicing that hair still can be colored without touching the scalp during operating the hair dye and bleaching powder, and customer’s safety and health should be guarantee besides having the beautiful hair after dye.


R&D Center For Hair Breeding And Care has been set up

Regretfully many hair dressers in domestic and abroad almost only pay attention to the effect of hair dye from 1994 to 2002, and neglect the fact of hairdye being harmful to human's body during dyeing, the neglection of health's importance would result in the sequelae after dyeing including damaging the scalp and worse hair loss. That's why SIG set up the R&D Center For Hair Breeding And Care to promote the attention to the importance of scalp's health.


SIG has introduced the detection system for hair breeding on scalp

To help the common people to treat the injured hair due to the outside environment effect or improper using of chemicals, marcel and dying, SIG Corporation has introduced the unique SIG scalp care, hair breeding and care and hair restoration system series, which integrate the high-tech computer detection system for hair breeding on scalp and have solved many customers’ problems related to scalp, skin, hair loss, hair thinning and the injured hair by improper marcel and dyeing.


Renovation in the hairdressing field

The most achivements of SIG Corporation are development of the professional courses, relative seriers products and the detection computer system, therefore we hold the opinion that we shouldn’t take the results as reasons, which allow us to dive to the bottom to find the the meathods to eliminate the farmful causes, and to integrate with the technic of hairdressing, theories of hair, sturcture and the theories of scalp to make the hairdressing world more beautiful.