Hair Color Revise

The basic concepts of toning hair color

Sorts of dye:


1.Inoxidability hair dye uses the natural color of hair as the foundamental color to make more beautiful hair color.

2.Inoxidability hair dye can lighten or deepen hair color, also can emphasize the white color of hair, because it doesn’t need oxidant (peroxide), it can not fade hair color and the chromatophore distributed in the cortex layer still hasn’t changes.

3.Inoxidability hair dye also goes under the name of “half-permanent” cause it can bear 4 – 8 times washing and can not make hair color to change forever, and another kind of inoxidability hair dye called “temporary dye” can only bear 1 – 2 times washing.

4.Inoxidability hair dye isn't used as much as the oxidation hair dye, but it’s easy and simple to use. Inoxidability half-permanent hair dye is alkalescent with PH index of 8.0~9.0, and the alkalescence makes hair expand and restrict the inoxidability hair dye to get into hair because these molecules doesn’t enlarge and when the hair expands, some of they will lose out of hair once washing hair, and according to the porousness of hair and alkalescence of shampoo, the dyed color will be gone after 4 – 8 times washing.

  2、The oxidant hair dye can create new and “permanent” hair color to take over the Inoxidability hair dye that can only bear 4 – 8 times washing, so the oxidant hair dye is also called “permanent” hair dye.
  Permanent hair dye falls into two kinds:

(1) Osmosis permanent hair dye – the color molecules of dye enter into the granule layer of the cortex layer through cuticular layer, and combine with the original chromatophores by oxidation, and hair color will look more naturally, and this kind of osmosis hair dye has the merits listed below::

Color looks naturalb. Color evenly distributes in the cortex layer of hair and looks like the natural color of hair.c. Coloring will stop when washing, so the color will not be too shallow or deep, the shade of color can be controlled as you like.

The osmosis hair dye enters into the cortex layer

(2) Metal permanent hair dye – most color forms a film to cover the cortex layer, and the dyed color will not shine and hard to fade. If hair always is dyed by the metal permanent hair dye, the hair will not be easily curled or colored by perm or dye because the metal stays outside the hair and transmutes by process of blow, heat and so on.

The metal hair dye covers hair
2、Our hair colors are determined by:

1.The hair color is decided by the melanin granule’s shape and size of hair.

For example: 【Rhombus】Puce
【Roundish Rhombus】Sandy Beige
  3.Hair color’s shade is decided by the conten and density of melanin in hair.

When the fade process of oxidant hair dye is controlled in 2 chromas, the hair will get the best color, and fade and conservation of color can be finished in the same process.

Today the professional fade products can fade the hair color to any extent to meet the new color’s demand, however the process from deep color (cool tone) to shallow color (warm tone) can not be finished in one time, and the process of color can not start until the fade for deep color (cool tone) is finished.

A perfect work comes from not only the tone but also good operation skills, and SIG tone operation skills for hair color can satisfy your requirements.

SIG Hair color adjustment
  We preliminarily learn the sorts of hair dyes in the last chapter, but we should know the permanent hair dye is harmful to the scalp and body after all, and it is harmful not only to the person accepting hair dye, but also to the operator who touches the hair dye for a long term, therefore different institutions and consumer protection associations have publicized the research and investigation reports saying the cases of the person accepting hair dye for a long time and the operators (hair dressers) suffering from the chemicals even hair losing thoroughly and cases of person dying for hair dye, moreover there are reports announcing the possibility of suffering cancer for hair dressers is 6 times more than that for normal persons.
The possibility of being hurt will be substantially reduced if hair dye is operated in the orders below and the related things arouse enough attention.
  1.When preparing the hair dye, the hair dresser should mix the dye against the direction of wind and in the ventilated environment to avoid breathe the volatile of hair dye.
2.For the hair having fixature before dye, the styling jelly on hair can be washed away softly and the scalp should be kept away from washing and scratch.
3.Do not wash hair and leave the natural free fatty acid to protect your hair 24 hours before hair dye, especially for the person with allergic scalp.
4.The person with allergic scalp should take measures to protect the scalp and have antiallergic medicament.
5.Avoid the hair dye to touch scalp, and the SIG Hair color adjustment Adjustment will not let the dye touch your hair.
  The above 5 tips are supplied to the operators and persons accepting hair dye, and if you do as the tips say, you will have no trouble of hair dye.
The operation process of SIG Hair color adjustment:

The operation for the long hair with original color of rhombus should give prominence to the different temperature of the end of hair, thus can avoid color on the top of hair is ligher and that on the end of hair is heavy.



Effect of dye in zones:
The hair on the back of head close to the neck is less oxidated because of the bad ventilation, and it appears different shade of color in different part. Many works show deeper color at the bottom of head and more shallow color at the top of head, especially beside the forehead. So we should operate in the front and back zones to distinguish the temperature and ventilation of hair.

※ Please refer to the zonal picture.


To make color evenly spreading without injuring hair, the next instructions should be followed:

1. Hair slice should be thin.
2. Brush hair flatly.
3. Take little dye every time.
4. Strength should be equal



Brush softly the top of hair.



Use more strength gradually when brushing from the middle of hair to the end of hair.



Because the end of hair is far away from the warm head, it needs tight hold by hand to make up for the insufficient temperature and help with the oxidation, thus can avoid deeper color on the top of the hair and more shallow color on the end of the hair.



After operation, hair must be loosed to help the ventilation and oxidation to make hair color even.



The operation features of SIG Hair color adjustment:

1.Scalp will not be touched by hair dye – to prevent pathological changes of scalp.
2.Save hair dye – too much hair dye can injure the scalp and hair.
3.Hair color is even.
4.Hair is good.
5.Color can be changed easily as you like.

he operation process of SIG Hair color adjustment & Makeup:

The end of hair has been dyed and the top of hair grows out newly, so we just need to dye the new hair to make the color of hair coherent (without dying the end of hair).



Preparing operation in zones.



Operation skills【1】:
Brush softly when closing to the scalp.



Operation skills【2】:
Brush softly when closing to the scalp, then use more strength gradually.


Operation skills【3】:
Brush in the opposite direction to color hair is also available, which is called Opposition Hair Dye.



Loose hair and do not let dye touch hair, when the color of the oxidated top of hair is close to that of the end of hair, that is the chromatism is in 0.5, spray some water and comb hair to loose from the top to then end with spiky-end comb, then flush water after waiting for 10 minutes.