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SIG Hair Breeding & Care Conditioner Course(6 Days)


If you do not want to beat the neighbor shops depend on price battles; if you do want to increase the achivement and profit; if you do want to create another blooming spring for your company (more early transforming, more quickly profit) and you do not want to compete with the freshman for 669,889,999; if you feel your physical strength is not as good as before and do not want to wash hair for others any more, then you should make money by experience and wisdom in place of manual labor, and your manual skills should integrate with knowledge economy. Hands are limited, whereas knowledge is limitless.

Study orientation:

Consultation → Computer Detection → Symptom Diagnosis → Computer Recipe Label → Technical Conditioning → Comparison & Track

Course content:

1.To know hair structure
2.To judge symptoms and properties by observe scalp color
3.To judge the relationship between scalp and organs by hand touch,
4.To judge the kind of bacterium and the causes for disease with 200X Scalp Detector
5.To judge the symptoms by detecting the fallen hair
6.How to sort the problem scalps and the relative food taboo and treatment
7.Causes for hair loss and the latest conditioning methods
8.The care food for hair conditioning,


Effects and principles of care food. Practice content:

1、How to identify properties of hair sclap
2、Prevention of hair scalp pathological changes.
3、To find out the causes for hair loss.
4、The practice of hair scalp conditioning.
5、Consultation for customers.


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