High Foot Skin Cancer Risk from the Habit of Wearing Toe-Strap Sandals

As reported in the media of Liberty Daily News on June 14, 2008, The Daily Telegraph on the 13th, MDs warn, wearing sandals and 人-shaped sandals is suspicious of causing foot skin cancer, because this kind of toe-strap sandal would lead foot skin to suffer concentrated sunshine and further grow skin melanoma. Foot-attack cancer normally occurs between toes or at the foot bottom under toes and a patient’s survival ratio is only 50%, while the survival ratio of a patient with cancer in other leg areas is 80%. MDs recommend, while wearing toe-strap sandals, one had better apply sunscreen cream with SPF (sunshine-proof) coefficient of 15 or higher in foot areas. Females are particularly easy to suffer foot skin cancer, because any lotion applied to arch tends to be worn by sandals.

★ Solutions:
1. Take about 20g~30g,SIG Mineral Salt to add into 20 L warm water with temperature at 40∘C, soak for 20 minutes and then half dry it.
2. Use Structurant Hair Mask without dilution and slightly and evenly massage foot.
3. Use SIG Structruant Cuticle Regenerator to tenderly scrub it with due amount. Prevention is more important than treatment. If one can work well on foot protection and cultivation regularly, the person surely can possess a pair of admirable, tender, beautiful and healthy feet.