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”Whether or not hair dyeing will affect our physical health? Is there a way to take care of both beauty and health? Whether it is healthier or not to do regular scalp spa in beauty salon? What would we do if our hair keeps falling?”

These usual doubts pointed by consumers are also the problems that would face by field designers. The specialist who has engaged in healthy scalp researching for over 13 years – General Manager Liao Yen Hsiu Woody of Silence Is Gold (SIG) is not only capable of speaking freely on how to inspect our scalp’s health, even Tsai Chin Hui, the principal lecturer of SIG who has been doing hair breeding and hair care, iris and food therapy researching for many years, is also capable to telling us how to improve our scalp and physical health through diets. Besides beauty, taking good care of physical health has become an inevitable demand for modern people who are paying more attention to health. How would designers and shops highlight their own unique characteristics and differences amid the economic recession? Healthy scalp is key factor for them to success.


To be a terminator on scalp problems – to insist on giving consumers

We have encountered harsh questions like: “Salon shops and designers, are you solving the scalp problems or creating the problem scalps?” These have pointed their health risk doubts towards the existence of hair beauty consumption. Woody Liao answered that therapists in hospitals and dermatology clinics often find many of their patients have tinning scalps, which is exactly the problem caused by excessive exfoliation. For normal scalps, the metabolism cycle is 28 days. If consumers have got into the habit of conducting scalp massage more than twice monthly, excessive exfoliation would become the root of scalp problems.

The general scalp spa shops use chemicals in massaging and exfoliating. Though customers would feel please about this but it is not the right scalp care approach to achieve a “healthy scalp.” Such treatment on customers is an adverse way of excessive exfoliation. In addition, inferior shampoos, hair care products, hair dyes, cold permanent liquids are even the main culprits of the problem as the scalp-injuring chemicals would penetrate the hair pores and be transmitted by blood to different organs to create body injury due to chemical residues. Woody Liao pointed: “We’d like to bring the correct healthy scalp education to hair beauty practitioners and in turn, to allow consumers to get the right scalp care concept.” This is the goal that SIG is consistently been promoting.


“How to dye the hair healthily?” is the driving force that has started our sustainable research

During the initial establishment in 1993, SIG has been devoting itself to the development of hair dyes. Although Woody Liao has discovered that the hair dyes chemical toxicity is capable to residue in the body, but it would not necessarily to deprive the rights of modern people from enjoying their beautiful life. This has in turn stimulated his thought on “how to dye without injuring the body?” The so-called healthy hair dyeing is research on “how to minimize injury in hair dyeing, and how to compensate this shortcoming to enhance healthy hair? And how would we take care and regulate health before and after hair dyeing and perming?” The persistent research spirit has allowed SIG to plunge in the professional domain of healthy scalp. The following year, it set up the Hair Color Adjustment & Hair Breeding R&D Center and worked out a series of effective scalp care and hair color adjustment products.

Incidentally, the SIG hair color adjustment class has always stressed an innovative hair dyeing method in order to achieve healthy hair dyeing. For example: Firstly, to stir hair dyes in a well-ventilated place against the wind to avoid breathing in the volatile hair dye formula and hydrogen peroxide. If there are many consumers in the business site, it is necessary to open the door to enhance ventilation as when the designer and consumer have smelled the hair dye fragrance, they would have already breathed in the volatile chemical dyes in their body.

Secondly, whenever the employee is engaged in hair dyeing, he/she should wear a mask to avoid breathing in the chemicals, of which is also a safeguard and respect for the consumers.


Devote ourselves painstakingly on R&D and material handling – to create effective and hair care products

After customers have understood healthy scalp deeply, Woody Liao had applied the research findings of scalp knowledge onto product R&D to create effective products on scalp care, hair loss prevention, dandruff eliminating, hair dyeing injury regulating, and therapies on various scalp problems. Then, SIG had provided such concepts and commissioned the advanced and specialized factories in Italy, Spain, Austria and other countries in manufacturing the JEO series of scalp shampoo products in conjunction with the high quality and management technologies in Europe. Meanwhile, it had also supplied such concepts to Israel to use unique ingredients in the Dead Sea to refine and produce high-end SIG Dead Sea Mud and SIG Scalp & Hair Mask for adjusting various kinds of scalps.