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Proven product effectiveness – medical grade computer detection system

In order to visualize the healthy scalps, SIG had spent a huge sum of money to cooperate with Fine Vision Electronics Co., Ltd in R&D of a computer detection system. By coordinating with lenses of different magnifications, we are able to do in-depth detection, interpretation, and archiving the data of “scalp,” “hair,” “skin” and “iris.” The professionalism level of the system has attracted many dermatology clinics and medical institutions to adopt SIG computer detection system. Liao Yen Hsiu indicated that as the initial intention of this system was to provide beauty salons to diagnosis healthy scalp professionally and conveniently, thus, the R&D process had striven for easy operating and user-friendly interface, and capable of taking pictures and archiving for long-term observation of scalp, hair, skin and iris conditions each time the customers come for detection.
( Diagram on the left: Teacher Tsai Chin Hui )


Knowledge courses + computer detection system + effective products = infinite business opportunities

“I was once a hair washer before and so able to understand the hard work of hair care staff,” said Tsai Chin Hui who is well-known for her medical-grade professional courses. For more than 10 years of persistence in R&D on scalp problems, she has actually represented the hair beauty practitioners who insist on recognizing healthiness. Under the explanation of Teacher Tsai, the various kinds of hair loss and scalp problems such as diffuse hair loss due to spiritual tiredness or M-type male baldness due to genetic factor and aging, eczema, dermatophytes, and psoriasis caused by great stress and sleep insufficiency have become so easy understanding and determining. Through regular imaging observation in conjunction with the highly attentive detection system, our aim is to assist designers to become the best consultants on healthy scalp for customers, and at the same time, to allow consumers to understand the effectiveness of SIG products.

Taking “research and development” as the foundation, SIG has extended its business scope to professional courses, computer system and effective products. The infinite business opportunities that lie within them have already been known by many clinics, health centers and even overseas hair beauty shops. This is why the SIG’s computer detection system has successfully been exported to such countries as Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, China and the United States. Always feeling proud of “Made in Taiwan,” Woody said that an increasing number of Asian countries have noticed the issue of healthy scalp lately, and that only SIG possesses the “professional courses and know-how” in this aspect, therefore, it has attracted shops from Singapore, Malaysia and other countries to come and learn the healthy scalp knowledge from SIG. For SIG which emphasizes “R&D” as its foundation, it has made itself relatively well-known internationally.


Professional designers have turned to become healthy scalp consultants

What kinds of designers and consumers have a strong demand on “healthy scalp?” Woody Liao answered: “Hair beauty practitioners must have a healthy body and a healthy concept before they can introduce it to consumers. Firstly, the experienced designers are people who are capable of looking after their scalps healthily due to the availability of resources. Secondly, the high-level customers have a strong demand for healthy scalp as these people treasure their health profoundly.” When the designers introduce the healthy scalp concept to established and reliable clients, if only 50% of these specific clients had attempted to consume new scalp care products, their sales performances would be improved. This is the reason that when beauty salons and designers team up with SIG to provide “healthy scalp detection and healthy hair dyeing” for customers, they will not be affected by the economic recession as they are able to offer them in-depth, professional and outstanding services.