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Hair color revise workshop

Course Aims:

1.Advance your professional knowledge of tone and hair dye.
2.Let the customers know the differences between professional hair tone and DIY.
3.Ask payment of professional operation not manual labor from customers.
4.Prevent customers from unnecessary injury.
5.Increase customer numbers for hair toning and promote company achievments again.

Course points:

1.Skills of hair color and dealing for white hair
2.Basic operation skills of hair dye and design
3.Skills of tone and making color lively.
4.Judgement and checking skills for color and the recipe for failure.
5.The perfect skill for successful coloring – to supplement color in the process of dye.
6.Skill of dealing multiple colors in one time.
7.Skill for dealing problems of decoloring and hard to color.
8.The chemical structure of hair dye and the relative judgement.


SIG Instructor Group

Target students:

Professional hair designer and the persons who want to be engaged in the field.