Brand New Launch of Professional-Class Exclusive SIG Mineral Mud Mask

The SIG mineral mud mask promoted in October last year was well favored by consumers. Therefore, professional-class specialized packing is particularly ordered from an overseas biochemical manufacturer, to facilitate hair styling shops to enjoy more convenient service.

★SIG mineral mud mask – exclusive service for hair coloring and hair perm: containing bachelor’s button, 26 kinds of mineral element, vitamins, able to balance PH value, provide permanent waving, styling, moisturizing and protection, with prominent performance to the sensitive type of scalp.

★SIG mineral mud mask – exclusive service for dandruff, scalp itching: containing such contents as 26 kinds of mineral element, rosemary, tea scent, juniper berries, and thymus essence, etc., beneficial to hair health, contributing to recovery, styling and moisturizing effect, etc.