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SIG Fantastic Cream Dye

Place of origin|Austria

Capacity|250 ml

detailsProduct Features

With multiple fantastic colors, this cream dye is extracted from the plants growing in East Europe, which does not impair neither hair nor body.

detailsMajor components

Colors Provided: Flame-red, vermilion, brilliant pink, cherry-red, dark purple, navy blue, mandarin blue, forest-green, silver grey, orange, reddish yellow, silver white Ingredients Contained: Ceteareth 25, quaternium 80 cocoamphoacetate, hydroxyethylcellulose, propylene glycol, citric acid, polyquaternium 10, formic acid, benzyl alcohol, imidazolidinyl urea, methyl paraben propylparaben


When it is used alone: Clean the hair and dry it by wiping with a towel or bleach the hair before cleaning it and drying it by wiping. Use a dye brush to brush the cream dye on the assigned parts of the hair. Leave the dye on the hair for 20~30 minutes before hairstyling. For better effect and longer lasting of the color (6~9 times of hair wash), it is recommended that the hair should be bleached before undergoing dyeing and the cream dye should be mixed with SIG Long-Lasting Blending Cream. When it is used with SIG Long-Lasting Blending Cream: Available portion of the mixed SIG Fantastic Cream Dye: 1/3 for healthy hair, 1/4 for normal hair, and 1/5 for damaged hair. If blending liquid is adopted, the quantity is referred to that of SIG Long-Lasting Blending Cream. 【For example: 30cc SIG Long-Lasting Blending Cream + 10cc SIG Fantastic Cream Dye, 30cc blending liquid】